Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Day weekend

I got the badminton net set up and everybody has been playing.

The yard is blooming. I threw out some of these seeds earlier this year. Bachelor's button?

The verbena I bought at Annie's last spring are 7 feet tall or more...

Badminton in progress

Douglas got a little frustrated that the net is twice as tall as him.

Owen having fun

Violet kept an eye on the situation too.

Later tonight we will go to Douglas's baseball team party, and Monday evening is Owen's team party.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Have not updated in a while. Here are some pictures from baseball, both Owen and Douglas's games.

Owen pitching

They are now in the playoffs. Owen's team has won their first two playoff games. The next one is going to be Wednesday.

Douglas and his friend Jake at one of Owen's games


Douglas and teammate at one of his tee ball games

Hitting off the tee

Everyone lined up while Douglas is hitting. The tee ball games are played in the large park across the street from the Little League fields.

"Good game"

Douglas's favorite thing about Owen's games is going to the Snack Shack.

Owen on second, having just stolen

Batting again