Monday, March 30, 2009


Douglas and his best buddy Kagiso, eating popsicles on our front porch on Saturday afternoon while Owen was at a birthday party.

Owen on the pitcher's mound, later on Saturday at his baseball game.

Here's the windup...

Boys in the dugout


Owen batting.

Popsicles are good!

Playing at McKinley Park in Sacramento last weekend

Trip to the zoo last Sunday

Kids at the zoo

We like the zoo!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Owen and his friend Andrew panning for gold yesterday on their field trip to Coloma, site of Sutter's Mill where gold was discovered in 1848. They had fun on the trip. Owen found very little gold but a lot of tiny garnets.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

First game of the season

This morning at 9 am, when it was in the low 50s, Owen's team, the Braves, played their first game of the season against the Reds. Douglas and I stayed home for the first hour or so of the game and then turned up. Owen was playing first base when we got there.

The coach put together a rotation so all the kids would get to play each position over the course of the next few games. They only play 5 innings a game at this level so there's not time for them to play each position in one game.

Owen was the catcher for one of the innings. He did quite well at catcher, although hates having to wear a cup.

It was freezing cold, but that didn't stop Douglas from wanting the highlight of the games for him - a snow cone from the Snack Shack. At Monday's game I'll have to work the Snack Shack while Dan is umpiring.

Owen catching a rather wild pitch.

Owen waiting to bat in the bottom of the last inning.

He got a hit!

Here he is at third waiting to come in. Unfortunately, the kid who was up when he was on third made the third out and that was the end of the game, so he didn't get a chance to come home.

"Good game!" The other team won, but they all had fun anyway.

Time for a snow cone...

And warming up after the game, at home on the couch, while polishing off the snow cone.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kindergarten registration

Today is kindergarten registration for the Davis school district. We are going to register Douglas at the Spanish immersion school, Cesar Chavez. He really wants to go there; he has friends going and is enjoying the Spanish they do at his preschool. It will mean missing the one opportunity we will have during their entire lives to have both our kids at the same school, but oh well.

There a chance he won't get in, depending on how many kids try to register. There are 110 slots, so if more than that register there will be a lottery. We should find out within about a week whether he gets in or not.

In the past few days Douglas has begun drawing some cartoons based around a character he is calling Professor Kumquat, a professor who studies "trees and stuff." The cartoons seem to involve Professor Kumquat visiting the police department for some reason and his pants falling down. However, Douglas can't seem to write small enough for the panels he is drawing so he decided to write the words "in Chinese," i.e. with little squiggles.

Owen is on the Braves this spring and their first game is Saturday morning. It seems like a nice group of kids, and the coaches are nice as well so hopefully it should be a good season.

I've been busy in the back yard. I planted an avocado tree, a lemon tree, and a few other things... now just have to manage to keep it all watered enough to stay alive through the summer.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Violet likes the computer.

It's so nice and cozy there.